Homeless Charities in Sacramento

Real Estate & Lending Solutions is proud to sponsor organizations in our community that are helping the less fortunate. We’re partnering with homeless charities in Sacramento, particularly Compassion Village to build and provide homes for people experiencing homelessness. It is our goal that when we help a client buy a home, we also help put a veteran, a victim of human trafficking, or someone else currently without a safe and sanitary place to stay into a home as well.

Compassion Village

Compassion Village is a grassroots movement started by churches in the Sacramento Region as an answer to Homelessness. Everyone sees it. Everyone touches it. And as the Body of Christ, we know we are called to do our part. Compassion Village starts with a shelter version of Tiny Homes that are built by volunteers and placed on underutilized church properties. The property is rehabbed to provide community showers, kitchen, restrooms, laundry and living and then housed with two docents to care for the community.

Each church raises $7500 for the materials for each home, E49 provides the materials, including plans and a project manager to assist, to the church and then the church and their volunteers build the home. When completed the home is taken to The Village and a homeless individual or couple are chosen to become a resident of the home through a vetting process and wrap around services are tailored to their needs. Each Village has a transitional and permanent version of the homes so that people can go from shelter to permanent housing in the same community. The first community is in the Del Paso Area. Join the Movement!

How You Can Help The Homeless in Sacramento

We are proud to help many in our area. For every refinance or home purchase you make, we will contribute $2500 towards sponsoring a home and community for someone experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to fund 4 homes during the 1st quarter of 2018! To join the movement, call Real Estate & Lending Solutions at (916) 299-0044 today, or simply fill out the form on this page!